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History of Tira Sujanpur

The name of the town ‘Sujanpur’ has been derived from the name ‘Sajjanpur’. Earlier, people of this town were found to be too honest and good. That is why, the name has become popular as ‘Sajjanpur’ (Sajjan meaning good, pur means place; Sajjanpur means place of good people). This town has been renamed later as ‘Sujanpur’, also known as ‘Tira Sujanpur’ (as a palace has been built on the hill called 'Tira'). Tira Sujanpur got its name when the King Sansar Chand Katoch, moved his capital from the city of Kangra to this town of Sujanpur and build palace on the Tira hill.

History of Tira-Sujanpur
Remains of Fort in Tira Sujanpur

When the king started to rule Sujanpur, he beautified the town with various temples and palaces, forts as well as courts to give the splendid look to the town, he was ruling. Katoch kings started to rule since 4300 BC, and Katoch Dynasty was founded by Rajanaka Bhumi Chand. These Kings of Katoch made a war against Lord Rama in 3000 BC; while, there was a war between Raja Susrma Chandra and Pandavas during the War of Mahabharata (1500 BC). It was thus, the time of Katoch kings who fought against several great personalities.

Ancient History of Tira Sujanpur

The king of Katoch constructed the Kangra Fort, and also fought against the people of Persian and Assyrian in the Punjab state. During 275 BC, the Katoch kings also fought against Ashoka and lost their land in Multan. And the Rajanaka Permanand Chandra who is even famous as Porus fought against the King Alexandra during 500 BC. While, in 100 BC, Kangra king fought against Kannauj King, as well as Kashmir King in 470 BC. However, during 853 AD, the Rajanaka Prithvi Chandra expanded the kingdom, but in 1009 AD, Kangra got captured by Mahmud Ghazni; and in 1170, it got divided into Kangra and Jaswan. The war went on, and during 1220 AD, the Kangra kings were defeated by Muhammad of Ghor. Similarly, between the years 1526 and 1556 AD, there was a big war between Katoch kings and King of Akbar, but again lost the war.

Medieval History of Tira Sujanpur

Mughals attacked the Kangra fort for about 52 times, but got defeated. However, Kangra was captured by Mughals during 1620 AD. And in the year 1700 AD, the King Bhim Chadra seeks help from Guru Gobind Singh to fight against the powerful Aurangzeb. While in 1750, the king Ghammand Chandra captures this kingdom. Between the years 1775 AD till 1820 AD, the golden time came to Kangra, that came under the kingdom of King Sansar Chand of Katoch. In later years, Kangra has developed in education, as well as business, arts like paintings and architecture, etc. After the war with Gorkhas (Nepal), Kangra was occupied by the Sikh.

Modern History of Tira Sujanpur

There was a great war between Katoch and British. While, during this war, the King Parmod Chand was put in to prison and further died at Almoda in the year 1924 AD. And during this period, the British regime gave a title 'Maharaja' to the King Jai Chandra of Kangra-Lambagraon.

In the year 1947 AD, the King Dhruv Dev Chandra (the last ruler of Kangra-Lambagraon kingdom) adjoins with the entire India. And during 1972, all kings became the normal citizens of India similar to other people. Kangra was then joined with the newly founded Himachal Pradesh State.

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