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About Tira Sujanpur

Tira Sujanpur is a town located in the Hamirpur district of Himachal Pradesh . The city lies at a distance of 120 kms from state capital Shimla and shares its border with Kangra district.  It is an emerging tourist destination and is known for its splendid arts and architecture . Various fairs and festivals depicts its cultural lifestyle.

About Tira sujanpur
Katoch Palace, Tira Sujanpur

History of Tira Sujanpur

Sujanpur was once known as 'Sajjanpur', but was later renamed as 'Sujanpur'. King Sansar Chand who - the ruler of Katoch dynasty when shifted to Sujanpur gave it the name of 'Tira Sujanpur'. This place contains a Tira Sujanpur fort, which is hoke to historical temples dedicated to Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati. And all the temples located in this Sujanpur Fort have a great paintings, and the fort is famous for the amazing architecture. For details, click here

Geography of Tira Sujanpur

Tira Sujanpur is situated with an average altitude of 562 meters, and lies at an latitude of 31.83° North; and longitude of 76.50° East. The town is surrounded by several trees, water bodies, temples, fields, and lot more. Tira Sujanpur is a small, but beautiful city and is surrounded by Lambagaon Tehsil towards the North, Bamson Tehsil to the East, Hamirpur to the South and Nadaun to the West. Some other cities that surround this region are the city of Hamirpur, Mandi and Dharamsala tehsil, the city of Sundarnagar and others.The town experiences harsh climate especially during winters when mercury dips down to zero degrees celsius.

Demography of Tira Sujanpur

Total population of Tira Sujanpur as of 2011 India Census is about 7,943. The Male population were counted to be 4,262; Female population includes 3,681; and the population of children between zero to six years old constitute 781.While the total literacy rate of this city was 91.73 percent; out of which, Male literacy rate is higher than female literacy rate. Male literacy rate include 95.12 percent and female was found to be  87.79 percent.

Arts and Architecture of Tira Sujanpur

The town of Tira Sujanpur is famous for its distinct art and architecture.You will be able to find many paintings in palaces as well as temples of this town. The paintings are marvelous and so too is the architecture of the temples or palaces. One cannot give any excuses in admiring these arts and architecture, developed by the earlier kings. One among such an admirable king is the Sansara Chandra or Sansara Chand.

Festivals of Tira Sujanpur

The most popular festivals celebrated at Sujanpur is Holi. This famous festival is celebrated with a great zeal and highlights the tradition of Tira Sujanpur. Others like Diwali, Janamashtami and Baisakhi are also celebrated with fervor and gaiety.  Apart from these, festivals like Basant Panchami, Lohri, and Shivratri are also celebrated with great enthusiasm.  During all these fairs and festivals, the entire Baradari (Ashtadhatu Statue of Lord Shiva at the entrance of Baradari, etc) as well as Palaces, were decorated beautifully.

Tourism in Tira Sujanpur

Profile of Tira sujanpurIn Tira Sujanpur tourists can visit Gauri Shankar and Narbadeshwar Temple. Murli Manohar temple can also be visited as being a famous religious destination. One can also opt for adventure sports such as Angling, Rafting, Paragliding and also trekking in this region. Book taxis or cabs to visit the attractions in Tira Sujanpur. This city is much famous for Palace Fort, and lakes. Also, you can visit other beautiful attractions in the surrounding places of Tira Sujanpur.

Palace Fort in Tira Sujanpur

The palace-fort of Tira Sujanpur is located near to the Hamirpur town, which is just 22 kms away from Sujanpur. This tehsil also touches the border of Kangra. This palace-fort has been constructed by Raja Abhay Chand who was the emperor of the Katoch dynasty that belongs to the district of Kangra. For more than a decade, this tehsil of Tira Sujanpur has been treated like a Royal Residence (Katoch Dynasty). It was once official residence of King Sansar Chand.  The king encouraged the Kangra School of Miniature Paintings, and made the entrance of the fort more attractive with excellent wall paintings on it. Even there is a temple known as ‘Gauri Shankar Temple in the Palace-Fort premise, which is devoted to Lord Shankar and Mother Parvati. Tourists would definitely love the wall paintings done on the temple premise.

Gauri Shankar Temple in Sujanpur Tira

The temple of Gauri Shankar is the most notified temple that has been constructed by Raja Sansar Chand during the year 1793 A.D. The temple has become so popular due to the establishment of the large statues of 'Ashtadhatu'  (Lord Shiva) and His beloved Mata Devi Parvati. Tourists visit this temple to view the magnificent statues and capture them with their eyes.

Murli Manohar Temple

When you visit Tira Sujanpur, make sure to visit ‘Murli Manohar temple’ that is devoted to Lord Krishna and Mata Radha. This temple is also famous as ‘Bansiwala Temple’ that is filled with more number of devotees as well as tourists. It is said that the temple was constructed by the King Sansar Chand between 1970 and 1823 A.D at the ground called Chowgan ground. And the temple is found in the Shikar Style of architecture.

Narbadeshwar Temple

The Temple Narbadeshwar was built by Pransani Devi—The Suketi Rani of Raja Sansar Chand of Sujanpur Tira. This temple was built somewhere between 1970 and 1823 AD, and is dedicated to Lord Shiva and Parvati. The temple is full of historic paintings, which has been constructed on an open ground. And there are many temples on the same ground. But, main temple is the largest temple, that is surrounded with many small temples.

Food in Tira Sujanpur

Enjoy delicious dishes of Tira Sujanpur at famous hotels and restaurants located in and around the city of Tira Sujanpur.You can order for mothwtaering veg and non-veg dishes to satiate your taste bud. There are certain specific restaurants that are specifically meant for Chinese and Thai cuisines. Tourists can enjoy ordering the special dishes they wish!

Hotels in Tira Sujanpur

One can find several hotels located near to bus stand, railway station as well as airport. Tourists can choose the nearest hotel they wish to reside. From luxurious to budget hotels you can find all and more in this part of Himachal Pradesh.

Hotel Smile Heights
Address : Sujanpur,
City : Sujanpur,
Pin Code : 176092, (Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh)
Phone : 0197 227 2932
Mobile : +91 941 847 2932, +91 973 640 2211

Hotel  Beas View Guest House
Address : Beas View G.H
City : Sujanpur,
Pin Code : 176092, (Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh)
Mobile : +91 981 707 5877

Uttam Beas View Guest House
Address: Uttam Beas View GH,
City : Sujanpur,
Pin Code : 176092, (Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh)
Mobile : +91 981 707 5877

Shopping in Tira Sujanpur

Tira Sujanpur is a wonderful city with lots of things to do including shopping . Visit the famous bazaars of the city to buy anything from jewellery items to footwear, as well as boutiques to handicrafts items. Tourists would definitely shop for one or more items at this place.

Utilities Services in Tira Sujanpur

One can get benefited from many utilities and services provided in this city of Tira Sujanpur.You can find police station that you can contact, in case of accidents, fights, or any terrific situations.Also, approach postal and courier services to move your goods to the destination you wish. Apart from these, you can get services such as telephone services, ambulance and medical services, etc. Also, you can get services like petrol pumps, stationery, water supply, fire brigade, and lot more.

Police Station in Tira Sujanpur

Address : Sujanpur,
City : Tira Sujanpur,
Pin Code : 176110 (Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh)
Phone : 0197 227 2021

Post Office in Tira Sujanpur

Address : Sujanpur Tira S.O,City : Tira Sujanpur,
Pin Code : 176110 (Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh)
Phone : 0197 227 3109

Healthcare in Tira Sujanpur

There are too less clinics or hospitals in Tira Sujanpur. However, if you want to get treatment, you need to visit the nearest healthcare centres located in the surrounding city. You can expect better treatment at a cost effective price. With all the essential medical tools and equipments, doctors or physicians of the big hospitals provide excellent treatment. Even medical stores and other medical services are not far from these hospitals.

Transport in Tira Sujanpur

There different ways to reach Tira Sujanpur. You can reach this tehsil by bus, car/taxis, as well as through railways and airways. There are regular buses to Tira Sujanpur from various parts of Himachal Pradesh and so one can easily reach this tehsil through bus. There is no railway stations close to Tira Sujanpur in less than 10 kms. Somehow, Shimla seems to be the important railway station that is about 114 kms from Tira Sujanpur. Some other railway stations include Majhairan, Ahju and Sulah, which are just 29 kms away from Tira Sujanpur. Gaggal airport and  Bhuntar Airport are 63 and 65 kms respectively. While, Pathankot is 104 kms and Shimla Airport is 111 kms far from this Tehsil of Tira Sujanpur.

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